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INTERIGHTS is an international legal human rights NGO based in London. We provide leadership and support in the legal protection of human rights. We work to ensure that human rights standards are protected and promoted effectively in domestic courts and before regional and international bodies, contributing to the development of a cumulative and progressive interpretation of international human rights law.

Directors at INTERIGHTS are appointed by Board members at its Annual General Meeting. The Board is assisted in setting the overall direction of INTERIGHTS’ legal work by an International Advisory Council composed of eminent figures in the world of human rights. We are further assisted in our work by a Legal Resource Panel.

Our work focuses on strategic human rights litigation, building the capacity of lawyers and judges and the dissemination of practical legal information. Information about our recent activities is available on our Home page, on the Our Cases page and at our News section. We source cases that will develop understanding of what human rights norms entail and that have a wider relevance beyond the parties in a particular case. We measure our effectiveness not so much by the volume of litigation that we undertake, or even the number of cases that are eventually ‘won’, as by the impact on the lives of clients, other victims beyond those involved in the case and the potential to improve standards and protections in areas where the law is weak. This requires careful selection of cases, in close collaboration with our partners. We have developed criteria to guide our selection of strategically significant cases. In order to ensure the wider impact and make best use of resources, we seek cases that are either symptomatic of widespread human rights violations or which address gaps in protections before a particular human rights system. Often these overlap. We rarely litigate without the direct involvement of our partners and are extremely dependent on the strength of our regional partnerships for the quality and effectiveness of our cases.

Our publications promote the understanding and interpretation of international and comparative human rights law, cases and standards. We provide access to practical tools to keep the legal profession and NGOs up to date with developments.

Any vacancies for paid or voluntary work are detailed on our website. 

We run a speaker series in which external human rights experts will lead brief discussions on cutting edge international human rights topics.

We hold consultative status with the United Nations’ Economic and Social Council, the Council of Europe and the African Commission on Human and Peoples’ Rights. We are accredited with the Commonwealth Secretariat and are authorised to present collective complaints under the European Social Charter. We are an international non-profit making organisation registered as a charity in the United Kingdom and incorporated as a company limited by guarantee.

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