Remedies for Forced Marriage – A Handbook for Lawyers

Remedies for Forced Marriage - A Handbook for Lawyers brings together expert commentaries by lawyers and activists working on the issue of forced marriages and interference with choice in marriage in four different countries: Bangladesh, India, Pakistan and the United Kingdom.

The Handbook is intended to assist those seeking legal remedies in such cases, and in particular to prevent forced marriages, and protect those affected. While aimed primarily at lawyers, we hope that it will also be useful for voluntary sector workers, social workers and women’s rights advocates and activists seeking to identify available legal remedies.

The Handbook discusses available remedies in four countries for securing the right to choice in marriage. While focusing on legal remedies – available through the courts – it also identifies practical steps to be taken prior to or alongside any attempted legal action.

The Handbook is divided into two parts, the first on the United Kingdom and the second on the three countries in South Asia. In each case the discussion on legal remedies focuses broadly around four broad areas, namely applicable laws, the court system, the criteria for validity of marriage, and remedies for prevention and protection. The discussion on remedies in the UK differs significantly from that in the other countries, reflecting the different legal systems.

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Table of contents
Part I: Remedies in United Kingdom
1 Legal Remedies for Forced Marriage in United Kingdom
Anne-Marie Hutchinson OBE and Teertha Gupta QC
2 Escaping Forced Marriage: Non-Legal Remedies in United Kingdom
Hannana Siddiqui
Part 2: Remedies in South Asia
3 Remedies for Forced Marriage in Bangladesh
Sara Hossain
4 Remedies for Forced Marriage in India
Asmita Basu and Jayna Kothari
5 Remedies for Forced Marriage in Pakistan
Sohail Akbar Warraich
List of Laws
List of Cases