African Commission on Human and People's Rights

INTERIGHTS takes an active role in working to develop and improve the procedures of the African Commission on Human and People's Rights ('the Commission').

Case law from the Commission can be found here.

Statement to the Commission, April 2012

During the 51st Ordinary Session of the African Commission on Human and Peoples’ Rights INTERIGHTS, working with a number of other litigants before the Commission, lobbied for improvements in the procedure of the Commission’s protective mandate. Civil society organisations met with individual commissioners who are members of the working group on Communications both in a plenary session during the NGO Forum and privately during the Commission session. Our main concern is that cases continue to take too long to finalise. However another issue has been the very bad communication by the Commission with litigants and the confusion that this has caused. During the session INTERIGHTS made a statement calling on the Working Group on Communications to work with the Secretariat of the Commission to identify and remove obstacles to good communication with parties and to ensure that cases are speedily dealt with by the Commission.

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For more information contact Solomon Sacco.

Update from 48th Session, November 2010

Lawyers from INTERIGHTS attended the 48th Session of the Commission. There, we gave a statement at the public session concerning two issues; the implementation of judgments and the refusal of the Commission to grant observer status to the Coalition of African Lesbians (CAL).

In relation to the first issue, INTERIGHTS drew attention to the obligation on states to respect and implement decisions of the Commission under Article 1 of the African Charter on Human and Peoples’ Rights. We are particularly concerned when governments themselves attack the Commission, as happened following the recent decision in Good v Botswana.

In relation to the second issues, INTERIGHTS expressed concern that the denial of observer status to CAL was inconsistent with the provisions of the Charter and departed from established jurisprudence under the Charter. Further, the Commission misdirected itself with regard to progress.

To read INTERIGHTS’ statement in full, click here.

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To read a special issue of Pambazuka News on the refusal to grant CAL observer status, Pambazuka New 506; Special Issue: African Commission blocks LGBTI human rights, click here.

For more information contact Sibongile Ndashe, Judy Oder or Solomon Sacco.